Have my own site, might as well upload my shit here, right?┬áThat’s right, bitches. We are BACK! For now. At least this week and next. We don’t know from there, honestly. Life changes bring us back together for now as a coping kinda deal, but maybe we will stick around for a bit!

Kris and I spend an hour plus talking about the past three months, what we’ve missed, what we’ve played, and how Kris seemingly hit the shit-on-life jackpot in the past few weeks. Of course we have the requisite Diablo talk as well as chatting about Neverwinter, PC gaming, Elder Scrolls Online’s console release, Guitar Hero Live vs. Rock Band 4, and the Microsoft/Oculus partnership!

Not sure if music is going to be a regular thing this go round, so email us at theSMLpodcast at gmail if you want us to keep doing it or if you really don’t care or just email us because we are lonely. Nobody emailed us in three months. Except spammers. But yeah, music is some old school tunes from the Project Majestic Mix tribute to Nobuo Uematsu! Dig it!

Jaxx & Ailsean – Final Fantasy I Main Theme
Jan Van Valburg – Man with the Machine Gun (Final Fantasy VIII)
McVaffe – Sealed Door (Chrono Trigger)
Dale North & Ailsean – You Are Not Alone! (Final Fantasy X)
Mustin – Prelude (Final Fantasy Series)