Two weeks off due to me moving and we return to the sad news that Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has passed away. To remember him properly, we bring in first time guest, and fellow EarthBound diehard, Erin Rinker to talk about our favorite Nintendo memories like our first time playing Mario 64 and what the worst game ever is to be your first NES experience.

Music is weird this week, but in a good way. Busting out an unreleased posu yan demo, a track from the world famous Disk Mastah Smokabitch, a never before heard demo from Christian Pacaud, and The OneUps covering Kirby. And then we have the finale… We initially couldn’t pick between The OneUps or LONELYROLLINGSTARS for Rainbow Road, so we are playing both. At the same time. On separate audio channels. Enjoy!

posu yan – balloon trip (balloon fight)
Disk Mastah Smokabitch – Bubble Bobble Broadcast System
Christian Pacaud – U R Sand n’Dots (EarthBound)
The OneUps – Isle De Kirby (Kirby’s Dream Land)
LONELYROLLINGSTARS – Royal Rainbow Road (Mario Kart – Left Channel Only)
The OneUps – Rainbow Road (Mario Kart – Right Channel Only)

Grab the mp3 of it HERE or stream it below!

Late addition of the YouTubes thang!