Long show this week as we are joined by Nick Madonna, founder of Philly based game studio PHL Collective and the mind behind recent Xbox One release ClusterPuck ’99! And despite Kris not being with us this week, Pappy took over for being the guy who would get off topic repeatedly and for extended periods of time while I would lay the microphone down and nap.

We talk with Nick about the release, some of the changes and additions from the Steam version, and potential future additions. We also talk about similarities with the game #IDARB and I attempt to set up a collaboration title with Mike Mika which might just end up being a Gundam dating sim.

We go on to discuss subjects like MAGFest, heroin fueled potbellies, Noodle Fight game demos, and our usual round of emails and harassing offers to give you free games if you email us at theSMLpodcast@gmail! And remember the “the” at the beginning. Some dude named Juergen is getting emails wondering what the hell is going on with the podcast he hasn’t done since 2013…

Music this week is a mixed bag of awesome from ClusterPuck, MAGFest Classic attendees, a Pixel Noir track to celebrate their Kickstarter relaunch, and some Shovel Knight goodness from the new DLC!

John T. Sepa – My Message 2 U [Slamdown Edition] (ClusterPuck ’99)
Jake Kaufman – Battling the Burrower (Shovel Knight – Plague of Shadows)
Kunal Majmudar – Back-Stabbing Meeks (Pixel Noir)
James Landino – Gray
Chipocrite – Little Computer People

Download the mp3 version HERE or stream it below!


YouTube version down thar below!