Enjoy this early mid-week episode as the SML crew gives you a great way to ignore your family this Thanksgiving!

This week we discuss all the crazy Black Friday sales going on whether it’s on Xbox Live (or even a few on PSN) or in stores like GameStop, Target, Walmart, and Best Buy! We give you the details on all the crazy deals that you should ignore your family to camp out for! We even tell you about a ton of Windows 10 games that you can grab for only 10 cents each!

Deals not enough for ya? How about we tell you about the new PS4 digital title Dreamals from XINESS Co., a crazy little puzzle platformer that has you managing three animals that can only do one action, but their combined powers will have you solving stages like a goddamn genius! Sound good? EMAIL US! We have two copies of the game to give out for free! Miss out? It’s only $5!

Plus our thoughts on new Rock Band 4 DLC and updates, Fallout 4 and who can accomplish the least while doing the most, Rise of the Tomb Raider being stupidly gorgeous, and future titles that we’ll discuss more in depth in the coming weeks. Plus we end the episode with the perfect movies to avoid at all costs unless you want to cry in a corner! See what a horrible human being Pappy really is!

Festive and joyous music this week comes from Danny Baranowsky from the fantastic Binding of Isaac soundtrack! We even toss in a Big Giant Circles remix for free! SAVINGS!!!

Danny Baranowsky – Sacrificial (The Binding of Isaac)
Danny Baranowsky – Crusade
Big Giant Circles – The Clubbing of Isaac
Danny Baranowsky – …Be Done
Danny Baranowsky – My Innermost Apocalypse

Download the mp3 HERE, or stream and YouTube it below!