Absolutely massive game as we have Jean Simon Otis of Chainsawsome Games on the show as well as tons of games and news to cover! Seriously, check all those links at the bottom…

We start off talking about JS and the creation of Chainsawsome Games and it’s fantastic name before we get into their new Xbox One Games with Gold title Knight Squad and how it has become a new favorite in the “Friendship Ruiner” genre of games. He discusses how they got involved with Microsoft, made the decision to add online elements to the game, and why it’s so hard to find the first two games in their BeatBlasters series.

Once JS finishes up with us, it’s time to talk this week’s featured titles! Hand of Fate from Defiant Development is a fantastic hack and slash/role playing/card game that is as innovative as it is under the radar. WRC 5 FIA World Rally Championship from Kylotonn Games and published by Maximum Games and Bigben Interactive brings awesome rally racing to the new generation of consoles. Rock Zombie from Quaternion Studio and published by EnjoyUp Games mixes a trio of rocker girls and their instruments with zombies that need to be put down. Super Party Spots: Football from Handy Games brings a stupidly fun twist on physics puzzles and soccer (football) action. Baseball Riot from 10tonsLtd. sees the return and refinement of their hit Tennis in the Face but with a baseball player ready to get some headshots. Finally, Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of the Legendary Legends from Vicioius Cycle and published by Little Orbit sees the Kung Fu Panda crew smashing bros. in a solid party brawler!

Of course there is always news as well as we tackle Just Cause 3’s Doge Mode, Shadow Jago returning to Killer Instinct, Rocket League’s leaked Xbox One rating (an hour before it was officially unveiled for the console), some news on the Resident Evil 2 remake, and we run down the four new characters hitting Mortal Kombat X in 2016! Plus we tackle an email and remind everybody that we have free games and we want YOU to have them! Email us and be a part of the show! theSMLpodcast@gmail is the way to do it!

The show ends with a variety of musicians new to SML and all of the tracks are from the amazing Knight Squad Soundtrack! Vrnteam, 8-Bit Heroes, Aeronmusic, Demonicity, and Jadan Paluck Pervok all contributed tracks and they all get stuck on our crappy podcast!

Vrnteam – Electro (Knight Squad)
8-Bit Heroes – Darkened (Knight Squad)
Aeronmusic – Heartseeker (Knight Squad)
Demonicity – Reconstruction (Knight Squad)
Jadan Paluck Pervok – Valley of Death (Knight Squad)

mp3 version HERE, stream and YouTube below: