Just for one day……

This episode on SML we welcome our very first male model to the show promoting ZHEROS! Ok. He’s not the male model, but we can bet all the money in the world that Fabio Ilacqua of Rimlight Studios is cooler in every way than the Fabio we all know from butter adverts and seagull attacks. Fabio joins us to talk about the game ZHEROS, an awesome co-op beat-em-up available now on the Xbox One through the Games With Gold program!

We talk about the creation of the title, the difficulty of the title and how Rimlight is looking to tackle proper balancing, a male hero who is a flat out idiot in every possible way, the overall humor of the title, and how hard some of those old school beat-em-ups were in the arcades back in the day. Plus Fabio name drops the Cadillacs and Dinosaurs arcade machine, so we are now friends for life. Plus maybe one day we’ll all end up in jail together for Steam Trading Card fraud…

In honor of beat-em-ups, we end the show with three remixes from Streets of Rage 2!

Diggi Dis – In the Streets of Fayetteville
McVaffe – Badass Posse
Mustin & zyko – The Lion’s Roar

Download the show HERE, or stream it below!