This episode of The SML Podcast welcomes John Ribbins of UK development team Roll7!

We talk to the self professed “makey bits” guy of Roll7 about the upcoming PS4 release of Not a Hero and the star of the show BunnyLord, the randomness of the game, the incredible writing and voice acting, and the ridiculous pixelated violence! We also talk OlliOlli, the sequel, whether or not any of the other games will hit other platforms, upcoming projects, adult visual novel video games, murdering russians, nailing eggs to ceilings, and so much more!

After an amazing hour with John, we move on to the featured games of the week! AIPD from Blazing Badger and Morphicon is a unique take on the twin stick shooters where it ensures a different experience each time. Sparkle 2 from 10tonsLtd takes the on rails marble matching game you love and brings it to Xbox One. Amazing Princess Sarah from Haruneko Games is a 2D action platformer with massive bosses and massive boobs. Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink from Artifex Mundi is another fantastic hidden object adventure game with tons of varied puzzles. Level 22: Gary’s Misadventures from Moving Player is a fun and funny pixel graphic stealth game about sneaking into work. Red Game Without a Great Name from iFun4all is a gorgeous and stylish touch controlled auto-flying game that is as fun as it is tough.

Plus we tackle plenty of news, game giveaways, emails, and so much more!

We end the show with six tracks from the OCRemix project dedicated to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Shell Shocked!

Mega Beardo – Oroku Like a TurtleCane (TMNT)
Sixto Sounds – Hot for April! (TMNT)
Stemage & Viking Guitar – Rock the Plank (TMNT)
Prince uf Darkness – Casiopizza vs. TMNT-Square (TMNT)
Viking Guitar – Trail Dust and Turtle Wax (TMNT)
WillRock & Sixto Sounds – Cowabunga! (TMNT)

Download it HERE, stream it below!