This episode SML welcomes Matt Small of Vector Unit to the party!

Matt talks to us about Vector Unit’s upcoming release Riptide GP Renegade as well as their past titles across console and mobile including Riptide GP2, Beach Buggy Racing, and Hydro Thunder Hurricane! We also talk about their amazing water graphics engine, previously working on Blood Wake, being the pretty face of the operation, and how they need to have an N64 style visual easter egg in Renegade!

After Matt heads out, we get a quick visit from Kris, we pick our Bike Mayhem 2 giveaway winners thanks to Goldmark Studios, we share some Quantum Break and Xbox One Backwards Compatibility news, discuss the upcoming Xbox One release of Rocket League, and Shiz is here too. I could’ve put that earlier, but meh. He’s not special anymore. It’s a regular thing now. Anyway, featured games happen too!

Firewatch from Campo Santo is a gorgeous game with tons of exploration and story that is too powerful for Pappy’s Computer. Try It! Amazing Discoveries In Outer Space (ADIOS) from Cosmic Picnic is a fantastic space exploration focused platformer with roguelike gameplay that’ll keep you playing over and over! Buy It! Marvel Puzzle Quest from D3 Go! and WayForward brings the title to the Xbox One and packs in the DLC and a bonus character! Buy It! Alphadia from KEMCO and Exe Create Inc brings the mobile retro RPG to the 3DS. Try It! (unless SNES era RPGs are your crack, then Buy It!) In Space We Brawl: Full Arsenal Edition from Forge Reply ports the 2014 twin stick local versus shooter to the Xbox One with tons of ship variants and challenges! Try It!

The show ends with three tracks from the Breath of Fire series to celebrate our newest giveaway of Breath of Fire III for the PSP/Vita! Listen to the show and check us out on Twitter for more info!

Ghetto Lee Lewis – Save Your Game (Club Mix 2002) (Breath of Fire)
FFMusic DJ – Sad Melody (Breath of Fire)
Joshua Morse & posu yan – Watermelon Flava (Breath of Fire III)

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