It’s Valentine’s Day on SML as we welcome the adorable David Sterling and Jason Sorensen of LOOT Interactive to the show!

This is a return trip for The Rodfather, but Jason makes his first visit to the show so that the LOOT boys can discuss Q*Bert Rebooted which just launched for the Xbox One! We discuss the additions to the game compared to the previous PS4 release (including an all new EnV soundtrack) as well as plenty of other topics including the effect of streaming on the game industry. Good thing Shizblacka is here again to give his opinion on streaming!

After our time with LOOT comes to an end, we cover our featured games! D/Generation HD from West Coast Software is a fun high def reimagining of the old school Amiga title, computer destroying roadblocks and all. Bike Mayhem 2 from Goldmark Studios gets the full discussion treatment this show and any game with a free trial is worth trying out! Factotum 90 from TACS games is a dual robot puzzle game well worth the small asking price. Oh, and we cover some game named Q*Bert Rebooted too.

We end the show with five songs from the D/Generation HD composer Mark TDK Knight who mixes modern and 80s to create an awesome soundtrack for the game!

Mark “TDK” Knight – D/Generation
Mark “TDK” Knight – Escape From Oblivion
Mark “TDK” Knight – Genoq
Mark “TDK” Knight – Something’s Nasty in the Pipes
Mark “TDK” Knight – Building Peace Through Better Weapons

Download HERE, or stream!