It’s an early morning podcast this week as we welcome Graham and Chantelle of Radiation Burn to the show!

It is indeed an early morning show as it was 8am for them, midnight for Pappy, and an insane 3am for me, but we all groggily mumbled through the show together about the Radiation Burn title The Living Dungeon, which released at the end of January for the Xbox One and Steam! We talk about the game, the development of the title from a self-created board game, the many other games they’ve started and never finished, and why they never got a lifetime supply of Old Spice!

After our time with the Radiation Burn crew, we move on to the rest of the episode which was clearly recorded all in one shot and we didn’t record out of order and hastily splice together so we can get to sleep at a reasonable time. We go on to give out a ton of games via our various contests, talk about game news and rumors, and tackle our featured games of the week!

Breath of Fire III from Capcom released brings the legendary game’s PSP release to the US for the first time with PS Vita compatibility. Kona: Day One from Parabole is a gorgeous adventure puzzle game in early access that looks to be worth the early investment. Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae from Zenith Blue is a fun arena based hack and slash game with a story about schoolgirls and evil and something it’s a lot of swordplay and punching and that’s all that matters so get it.

This week’s music is five songs from the recently released five disc Chronicles of Time album, available NOW on iTunes!

Warriors of Time – I’m a Pretty Big Fan of Fares
Snappleman, norg, finbeard, Midee – One Day at a Time
Descendants of Erdrick – Injustice for All
Bruce Bonebrake II – Time to Rest
William Carlos Reyes – Peaceful Days

Download it HERE, or stream it: