This episode, The SML Podcast is joined by Jay “BytesOfChicken” Adeloye of Drop Dead Interactive to discuss his brand new game Gear Gauntlet!

We discuss the development and release of Gear Gauntlet and how excited Jay is to finally see it release on Xbox One alongside titles like Dark Souls III, we talk about upcoming patch plans and features he hopes to add to the game, plus we talk about the gameplay, and how much all of us at SML suck at the game! Plus news, game giveaways, and so much more!

Featured games! Stories: The Path of Destinies from Spearhead Games is a fantastic, branching story, action RPG with more than two dozen stories to explore. RBI Baseball 16 from Major League Baseball Advanced Media is the newest release in the fun, casual baseball series. Justice Chronicles from Hit-Point Co. Ltd and KEMCO is a gorgeous old school RPG for the 3DS with a fantastic story and great gameplay. Bounce Rescue from Bitecore Ltd. is a cute and colorful 2D platformer that’s harder than it looks! Duet from Kumobius is a challenging puzzle game where you control two orbs you cannot let get hit.

The show ends with another selection of Chronicles of Time songs because we can probably play these for a few more months if we wanted to…

Midee – Arena Rex
Eight Bit Disaster – Hotel Tyrano
The World is Square – The Biggest, Blackest Omen

Download HERE, stream below!