No guest this week, so instead we get down to some old school discussion and news chat!

We talk about Microsoft ending production on the Xbox 360, HBO Now hitting consoles, Rayman Origins joining the Backwards Compatibility Lineup on Xbox One, Rocket Leage Hoops Mode details, as well as the news of GameStop launching a publishing division for companies like Insomniac Games, Frozenbyte, Tequila Works, and Ready at Dawn! Plus Kris details the Overwatch vs. Battleborn debate, emails, game giveaways, and plenty more!

Featured Games! Skyling: Garden Defense from Mighty Studios mixes Q*bert and Pac Man gameplay in a garden setting that will frustrate and delight. Pang Adventures from DotEmu brings the Pang Bros. (Buster Bros.) to the new generation of consoles with some awesome bubble popping, old school arcade gameplay! Blues and Bullets Episode 2: Shaking the Hive is the fantastic second episode of the action/adventure/detective noire series from A Crowd of Monsters. Speedrunners from DoubleDutch Games and tinyBuild is a fast paced speedrunning game with Twitch betting integration. LOUD on Planet X is a rhythm defense game from Pop Sandbox with gorgeous visuals and an outstanding soundtrack.

We end the show with three songs from Ori and the Blind Forest from composer Gareth Coker!

Gareth Coker – Restoring the Light, Facing the Dark
Gareth Coker – The Crumbling Path
Gareth Coker – Light of Nibel

Grab the mp3 HERE, stream it below!