Time for another dose of pure insanity as The SML Podcast welcomes back David Sterling and Jason Sorensen of LOOT Interactive to the show!

Things start off innocently enough as we talk about the new LOOT release JumpJet Rex for a bit, and then it devolves into madness with movie discussions, eye infections, obscure references to the Peloponnesian War, bands that play 30 minute long songs, and another healthy dose of talking about Shakey’s Pizza shits and the resulting aftermath. In the 2 1/2 hours of conversation, like 5 minutes were productive.

We also feature the Xbox One release of Paranautical Activity from Code Avarice and Digerati Distribution, a first person shooter roguelike that’s been described as The Binding of Isaac shacking up with DOOM and Quake! Plus tons of emails for game giveaways as well including what may be the very best contest entry we’ve ever recieved from Unequalized Joe. It’s a packed show with nothing of worth to show for it!

We end the show with three tracks from SML favorite Danimal Cannon, who composed some of the music in JumpJet Rex!

Danimal Cannon – Behemoth
Danimal Cannon – Coalesce
Danimal Cannon – Collision Event

Download it HERE, stream it below!