This episode welcomes Aki Kanerva of Virtual Air Guitar Company and Gareth Noyce of Triple Eh? Ltd!

The first part of the show features Aki talking about Virtual Air Guitar’s newest release, Kung Fu for Kinect releasing this week on Xbox One! We chat about the game, development, changes to the game from the Xbox 360 version, comparisons in hardware from the Kinect on the 360 to the Xbox One, possibilities of working on other consoles, and tons more! Maybe a tease of their next project as well?

After some intermission music, Gareth Noyce tags in to chat about his recent release Lumo, out now on Steam and PS4 and out later this week on Xbox One! We chat about the creation of the game, people who are terrible at the game, two sections of the game that are total bastards, interviewers who ask the same questions, and plenty more. Gareth seems to fit in well with the insanity of SML so this section goes extra long!

We end the show (and toss in some intermission music) from Dopedemand off of the Lumo soundtrack!

Dopedemand – The Other Way (Intermission)
Dopedemand – Tiny Little Pixels
Dopedemand – Beef
Dopedemand – Lumo

Download the show HERE, stream it below!