An interview falling apart opens the door for an improptu interview with somebody new instead!

The show kicks off with us chatting about the massive number of players for Call of Duty Infinite Warfare on Windows 10 and Best Buy giving out 4K movies with a system that can’t play them this week before diving into a chunk of reviews including the non VR Woodle Tree 2: Worlds, an open world platform adventure game from Chubby Pixel before diving into a wall of VR reviews!

Tethered from Secret Sorcery Limited is a god style sim game about keeping your Peeps safe on PlayStation VR. Weeping Doll from TianShe Media and Oasis Games is a first person adventure/puzzle game in a creepy house of dolls on PSVR. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes from Steel Crate Games is a crazy, frantic, and incredibly replayable PSVR party game. Windlands from Psytec Games Ltd. is a first person grappling hook exploration game on PSVR that will push your stomach to its limits and you’ll love it. Plus Uneaten Lake talks about soccer heading game Head It! and tower destruction game Destroyer on HTC Vive, both from CFlat and Degica!

After a quick intermission, we are joined by Josip Barišić from Gamepires to chat about the Xbox One release of Gas Guzzlers Extreme, a crazy car combat game with weapons, zombies, buffalo, and blow up dolls. As expected, conversation gets crazy and when we find out he knows our friends Mario and Zeno at LGM Games, the whole show devolves into chaos. More chaos than usual given this whole interview was set up in about 10 minutes after our original guest never showed! We can adapt!

The show featured four tracks from our good friends at Super Square, including their brand new song Push, available now over at their Beatport Page!

Super Square – Bubop (Intermission)
Super Square – Push
Super Square – Anywhere Everywhere
Super Square – Erase Me (bLiNd Deep House Remix)

Download the show HERE, stream it below!