Tons of news, tons of reviews, and tons of Genital Jousting!

News this episode runs the gamut from Xbox Backwards Compatibility additions (including Skate 3 for Kris), to NES Mini resellers being dicks, Sony’s new PS4 holiday commercial focusing on games nowhere near release, Persona 5 being delayed, Toys R Us Canada possibly leaking the Nintendo Switch price, Pokémon pirates, and Genital Jousting releasing! Plus reviews!

Ittle Dew 2 from Ludosity and Nicalis is a hand drawn, top down action adventure in the vein of classic Zelda games. Mark McMorris Infinite Air from HB Studios and Maximum Games is an open world snowboarding title with an awesome world editior aspect. Unlucky Mage from Exe Create and KEMCO is another fantastic retro RPG on Nintendo 3DS. Destroy All Humans from THQ Nordic brings the PS2 title to the PS4 with higher resolution textures and trophy support.

Clouds & Sheep 2 from Handy Games and Headup Games is an adorable and lighthearted sheep managing game. Lantern from Storm in a Teacup and 1C Company is a relaxing exploratory game experience. Wheels of Aurelia from Santa Ragione and MixedBag Publishing is a narrative heavy road trip title. Energy Cycle from Sometimes You is a puzzle game where you change the colors of lines in a grid.

Music this show is from .Haku off of his game Ittle Dew 2 as well as a bonus track from Kris. It’s a weird one.

.Haku – Stars
.Haku – Metrojdies
.Haku – Dolls
Kris Huber – Tay Zondjent

Download HERE, stream below!