Get your pinball wizardry ready as we’re about to smack all the balls tonight!

We kick off the show with three quickie reviews! Holoball from TreeFortress is an action-sportsball arcade game mixing tennis and VR to awesome results. Nebulous from Namazu Studios is a physics based puzzler that mixes Rube Goldberg devices and space! Bombing Busters from Sanuk Games bring those bombing bastards to the Xbox One for the first time for some classic man bombing action!

After a quick intermission, I’m joined by Mike Lindsey of Farsight Studios as well as good friend Grant “Stemage” Henry to chat about all things Stern Pinball Arcade, THE Pinball Arcade, and Pinball arcades in general. Awesome chat that mixes one of the coolest hobbies around with one of the biggest pinheads I know as Grant is able to ask questions I never would have thought to ask.

Needless to say it’s a great chat and you can expect a Stern Pinball Aracde review from us in the future thanks to Grant, and maybe one of these days he’ll put out his Pinball Hall of Fame album that he talks about. All Pinball fans need to check out this show for sure!

Music this episode is clearly from Grant Henry including a song featuring his new bride!

Metroid Metal – Item Collect
Stemage & Claire Henry – Terrorvision
Stemage – Speeding Ticket
Stemage & Kirby Pufocia – Ballbusting Wallbird

Download here, stream it below!

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