Two separate guests and important discussions on the Switch and Starburst flavors in this show!

We kick things off with Joe Modzeleski of M7 Games joining us to briefly discuss the upcoming PS4 release of Super GunWorld II before we dive into a discussion of the Nintendo Switch, launch games, price points, gimmicks, and so much more. Plus we chat Fire Emblem, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Sony’s shutdown of Guerrilla Cambridge, new additions to EA Access and Xbox Backwards Compatibility, and other news before we get into our Featured Games!

Jake Berliner reviews Rise & Shine from Super Awesome Hyper Dimensional Mega Team and Adult Swim Games, the gorgeous and over the top 2D platformer/shooter. Uneaten Lake reviews Craft Keep VR from Arvydaz Zemaitis and Excalibur Games, a VR title where you play the traditional RPG shopkeeper role. Jacob Garner reviews ONESHOT, a mysterious puzzle/adventure from Team OneShot and Degica Games. Siegecraft Commander from Blowfish Studios is a fortress building, catapult flinging RTS. Planet 2000 from Triskelia Games is a fast paced strategy game with vehicular combat.

After a brief intermission, Josh Harrison of Harmonix joins the show for the fourth time to chat about the upcoming Rock Band Rivals Online Quickplay mode, Harmonix streaming D&D and lunch time Spelunkey, content updates, how they will never release Chevelle’s The Clincher because of me, and ranking the flavors of Starburst! Can you believe this marks the NINTH time we’ve had someone from Harmonix on our show? What is wrong with them?

Finally, this episode features music from January’s Dwelling of Duels competition!

Glitch Bots – Green Theater (TMNT Arcade)
Mega Beardo & norg – You Can’t Avoid the CYBERNOID (Cybernoid)
jmr, streifig, Stemage, & ErichWK – The Boys Are Still Doing Research for Phil Lynott’s Autobiography (Maniac Mansion)
Snappleman, finbeard, & ErichWK – Let’s Go Away (Daytona USA)

Download HERE, stream below!