The SML Podcast turns four with Kris makes his long awaited return only to announce he is stepping down as co-host of the show, but we go out with an old school style bang as we just chat for over an hour. No reviews, no in depth news, just Joe & Kris talking and celebrating four long years of accomplishing nothing on this show.

After a brief intermission, Josh Barron returns to the show to chat about this new album from The Travelers along with fellow Travelers musician Ian Martyn! Ian only has a brief window of time before he goes back to his day of fancy restaurants and wine tasting, so we run the question gauntlet with him while we can before spending the rest of the show chatting with Josh about the album, the various musical themes, game choices, and those song titles I will never be able to pronounce!

Music this show is four songs from The Travelers album, available now!

The Travelers – Calm Before the Storm
The Travelers – Last Battle
The Travelers – Vinden Bevæger Mig
The Travelers – The Place I Shall Return to Someday

Download it HERE, stream below!