Three quarters of Ball Squad is here with Mel Kirk of Zen Studios and Grant Henry joining the show!

The show kicks off with Mel and Grant joining the show to discuss the recently released Pinball FX3! We talk about the launch, the new additions to the Pinball FX formula, tournaments, imported tables, and so much more! Wel also touch on Infinite Minigolf, table licensing, random goofiness, and a hint at future Pinball FX3 plans!

After Mel and Grant head out, Royal Sefton joins the show to tackle the news of the week including new Xbox BC titles, EA Access plans, Mario Odyssey’s first review score, and more loot crate shenanigans. Plus a Star Ocean remaster breaks the camel’s back with Sony and Square in a nice rant. All that plus a giveaway, more additions to the SMLoween contest, and reviews!

Royal reviews WRC 7 FIA World Rally Championship, the latest in the long running rally racing series from Kylotonn Games, Bigben Interactive, and Maximum Games. Tiny Barbarian DX from StarQuail Games and Nicalis is a massive old school action platformer with a stellar soundtrack. Royal covers Danger Zone from Three Fields Entertainment, the car smashing physics puzzler filled with wreckage and explosions.

Darkmika emails in a review of Mushroom Wars 2 where fungi face off in hundreds of short but fierce RTS battles from Zillion Whales. Darkmika also covers Shiny, a robot rescuing action platformer from Garage 227 and 1C Company. Chris Taylor joins to cover Double Dragon IV from InterOne and Arc System Works, an old school direct sequel to Double Dragon II.

Tim Ekkebus joins for a pack of Switch games! Tumblestone from The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild, the first original action puzzle game in years. Arcade Archives NEOGEO: Metal Slug X brings the 1999 arcade classic to consoles from Hamster Corporation. Conga Master Party has Tim living the life of No Way Jose thanks to Undercoders and Rising Star Games.

Finally, Pernell Vaughan joins to review Tracks – The Train Set Game, a sandbox builder to create your own crazy train sets and drive them in first person from Whoop Group and Excalibur Games. He also covers the gorgeous JRPG Battle Chasers: Nightwar from Airship Syndicate and THQ Nordic! We even get a quick update on Sneaky Bears on PSVR from WarDucks thanks to Greg Middleton!

Music this episode is from our good friend Jeff Ball off of his Tiny Barbarian DX soundtrack!

Jeff Ball – The Queen
Jeff Ball – Break Down the Walls
Jeff Ball – Battle With the Frost Giants
Jeff Ball – The Champions

Download HERE, stream below!