Musician Cal “Schematist” Warner joins this episode along with guest co-host Chris Taylor!

Cal joins to chat about his newest release, Anireal, which is a charity album of original electronic songs acting as an audio biography for a friend of his and exploring the recovery from child abuse. We chat about the album, the inspiration, working with Materia Collective and various other organizations, games that he is a part of, the weather, cats, and tons more!

After a while, we move on to the news of the week and Cal sticks around for that stuff too! We tackle the recent Humble acquisition by IGN, Harmonix layoffs and the Visceral shutdown, Activision’s controversial microtransactions patent, DOOM’s release date on Switch, and Ni No Kuni II rumors. We also go over the SMLoween contest one last time as we go into the final week before the winner is drawn, plus reviews!

Wulverblade is a gorgous and brutal historically inspired side scrolling brawler from Fully Illustrated & Darkwind Media. Greg Middleton writes in a review of Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online exploring an MMO game within a game from Idea Factory, Compile Heart, and Tamsoft.

DarkMika writes in a review of The Inner World – The Last Wind Monk, a lighthearted adventure game with some heavy subject matter from Studio Fizbin, Headup Games, and Kalypso Media Digital. Chris reviews Neon Chrome, the stellar twin stick roguelike from 10tons now on the Switch. Henry Jones covers Squareboy vs. Bullies: Arena Edition, a retro bully smashing brawler from Rohan Narang & Ratalaika Games. Cole Martin discusses retro shooter Super Arcade Boy in Defender of Planet Earth from

Grant Henry drops by to cover the new Ghostbusters table in Stern Pinball Arcade from FarSight Studios. Tim Ekkebus joins to help close out the show and review JYDGE, the stellar twin stick rogueHATE from 10tons also now on the Switch. Foxyland from BUG-Studio & OraMonkey is a retro platformer to save your captured love. Finally, DarkMika writes in a review for the creepy psychological horror game Sylvio 2 from Stroboskop!

We close out the show with music from Cal off of his Anireal album!

Schematist – Recovery (feat. Carmen Lookshire)
Schematist – Sentinel
Schematist – Ghost Helix

Download HERE, stream below!