Musician Louie Aronowitz joins along with guest co-host Tom Miller as we celebrate SMLoween!

The show kicks off with Tom and Louie joining the show to talk about Louie’s new Materia Collective release Thrashlevania, a Castlevania cover album timed out to match Louie’s own Castlevania speed runs! We discuss making the album, Louie’s self professed lack of nerd cred, other ventures that he persues, terrible puns, and so much more!

After a bit, all three of us dive into the news of the week including OG Xbox games and other Xbox BC titles, Shin Megami Tensei V coming to Switch, Games with Gold for November, and the official death of the Kinect. Plus a Stern Pinball Arcade giveaway and the long awaited SMLoween contest results where a whopping 19 people emailed in their worst nightmares for glorious prizes! After the contest crushed all of our souls, we take a quick break and return with our reviews of the week!

Tim Ekkebus reviews The Mummy Demastered, a fantastic Metroidvania style shooter from WayForward that is significantly better than the recent Tom Cruise movie. Knight Terrors from FreakZone Games & Nicalis is a short and sweet auto-runner action flapper. Tim also covers Volgarr the Viking, the hardcore action platformer from Crazy Viking Studios now on the Switch!

Cole Martin joins for a handful of games and continues her Life is Strange: Before the Storm coverage with Episode 2 from Deck Nine and Square Enix. Cole also reviews AER: Memories of Old is a gorgeous open world exploration adventure experience from Forgotten Key & Daedalic Entertainment. We also revisit DarkMika’s review of The Inner World – The Last Wind Monk from Studio Fizbin, Kalypso Media Digital, and Headup Games.

Cole reviews Slayaway Camp: Butcher’s Cut, an 80’s inspired psychotic slasher of a puzzle game from Blue Wizard Games & Digerati Distribution. Putty Pals is an adorable co-op heavy platformer on the Switch from Harmonious Games. Finally, Cole reviews Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden, the latest hidden objects puzzle adventure from Artifex Mundi!

Music this show is from Louie’s recently released Thrashlevania album!

Louie Aronowitz – Vampire SLAYER
Louie Aronowitz – Straight Edge Child
Louie Aronowitz – Skanking on the Edge
Louie Aronowitz – Thank You For Playing

Download HERE, stream below!