Sanatana Mishra of Witch Beam returns to SML this episode to chat about the Xbox One release of Assault Android Cactus!

Before that though, it’s reviews and we kick off with Pernell Vaughan covering Zwei: The Ilvard Insurrection, a tag team action RPG from Nihon Falcom and XSEED. Chris Taylor reviews the Switch release of Splasher, the paint fueled platformer from Splashteam & Plug In Digital. Jacob Garner writes in a review of the zombie filled Shark Pool on iOS from AK Arts. Chris also covers the Switch release of King Oddball, the boulder throwing physics puzzler from 10tons.

Joe “Henry Jones” Straatmann reviews the gorgous survival horror adventure Yomawari: Midnight Shadows from NIS America. Tom Miller covers JASEM: Just Another Shooter with Electronic Music, an insane twin stick shooter from Stas Shostak with an incredible name. Finally, Royal Sefton joins to review Dead Exit, a unique mix of base management and card game from Radiation Burn.

After a quick break, Sanatana Mishra joins the show to discuss the long awaited Xbox One release of his game Assault Android Cactus! We discuss the long journey to the Xbox platform, the addition of a commentary mode as well as Xbox One X enhancements to the game, and how the game coming to Xbox is pretty much all because of me, so you’re welcome, world. It’s been a long two years, but the wait finally paid off!

This episode features music from Marshall Art & Cory Johnson from their recently released Materia Collective EP Timeline!

Marshall Art & Cory Johnson – Towns 1 (Hello World) (EarthBound)
Marshall Art & Cory Johnson – MGLV – The Easiest Enemy (Undertale)
Marshall Art & Cory Johnson – Fairy Fountain (Legend of Zelda)
Marshall Art & Cory Johnson – But You’re Still Hungry (Chrono Trigger)

Download HERE, stream below!