Close friend of the show Kunal Majmudar returns to SML this episode!

The show leads off with Kunal joining to chat about the latest on his upcoming title Pixel Noir! We chat about the (very) long road to release, how the project has evolved over the years and how the partnership with BadLand Games has improved their plans, and the possibility of voice actor loot crates for my character in the game!

Kunal sticks around to help me cover the news of the week including the release of the Xbox One X and sellouts at GameStop, Forza Horizon 3 getting an X patch, the official end of the voice actor strike, layoffs and shutdowns for multiple studios, and tons more! Plus after Kunal splits, it’s review time!

Cole Martin joins for the bulk of the reviews leading off with Call of Duty: World War II, the Call of Duty franchise returns to traditional boots on the ground warfare thanks to Sledgehammer Games and Activision. 8-Bit Adventure Anthology (Volume 1) brings three classic adventure games (Shadowgate, The Uninvited, Déjà Vu) to the current generation thanks to Abstration Games and Reverb Publishing. Tallomere is an addictive “one-more-run” action platforming roguelike from Chris McFarland and Teyon.

Assault Android Cactus from Witch Beam finally brings the fantastic twin stick shooter to the Xbox One in glorious 4K. DarkMika writes in an eary preview of Stayin’ Alive, a team multiplayer game in an old folks home about offing yourself or saving the elderly from IndieGala. 911 Operator from Jutsu Games & Code Horizon puts you in the chair of 911 call centers across the world!

Finally, Tim Ekkebus joins the show to tackle to more games. Spellspire from 10tons is a mashup of action RPG gameplay with word puzzles, now on the Switch. Morphite is an interstallar journey of exploration and discovery from Blowfish Studios, Crescent Moon Games, and We’re Five Games! We also chit chat about wrasslin because I really need to have another wrestling themed show. AJ Styles, baby!

The show ends with a handful of songs from the Bad Dudes Thai Guy release, including the track from Kunal!

The OneUps – Live Thai Guy
Kunal Majmudar – Proggy Thai Guy
Joshua Morse – Traveling Thai Guy
Dhsu – Waltzing Thai Guy

Download HERE, stream below!