This episode, Erik “Viking Guitar” Peabody and Ryan “Mega Beardo” Postlethwait of Viking Guitar Live join the show for a chat!

Before that, we’ve got some reviews to take care of leading off with Cole Martin checking out The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III from Neocore Games, end the action RPG trilogy as part of Games With Gold! Cole also checks out Innerspace, an exploration flying game set in an inverse world from Polyknights & Aspyr Media. RollerCoaster Legends from WarDucks is an intense 8 minute virtual roller coaster ride of Greek mythology

Cole spied on and profiled Beholder: Complete Edition to determine if Alawar and Curve Digital are plotting against the State. Pernell Vaughan checks out fast paced action roguelike Heart&Slash, now on Switch from aheartfulofgames & Badland Games. Finally, Gunhouse is a crazy, hand drawn mix of tower defense and puzzle game from Necrosoft Games & Other Ocean Interactive!

After a quick break, Erik and Ryan join the show to chat all things Viking Guitar, Beards, and MAGFest! We cover the differences between Erik’s solo stuff and the full Viking Guitar Live band, Ryan performing with VGL as well as LONELYROLLINGSTARS at MAGFest, future Viking Guitar plans, putting unique spins on songs, and tons more!

This episode features even MORE songs from the new Viking Guitar Live album, plus a VGL classic, a legendary Hanson cover, and a live performance from MAGFest 2018!

Viking Guitar Live – Vash the Stampede (Trigun)
Viking Guitar Live – Sword From Stone (Secret of Mana)
Viking Guitar Live – MMMBop
Viking Guitar Live – Scorched Earth Live (Link to the Past)
Viking Guitar Live – Stainless Steel and Snare (Secret of Mana)

Download HERE, stream below!