Three awesome episodes this week! Interviews, talking, permission to shit your pants. It’s all here!

The SML Podcast – Episode 134: Joe Cam vs. The Devs V: Poncho Power features my interview with Danny Hayes and Jack Odell of Delve Interactive to discuss their new title Poncho, hitting the PS4 and PC next week with eventual Wii U and PS Vita releases, and then Xbox if my begging paid off. Features music from Jack himself from Poncho!

Download the mp3 HERE, or stream below with the YouTube below that!



Episode 135: SML Makes You Better at Halo sees myself and Pappy joined by Jay Adoloye, CEO of Drop Dead Interactive to not talk about his game Gear Gauntlet because it got delayed. Instead we talk about Halo, emotional games, gaming with headsets, indie devs, Mike Mika, and more. Plus featured game discussion on Divinity: Original Sin Extended Edition and Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations.

On top of that, make sure to listen to find out how you can email us to win copies of Octodad, or TWO Resident Evil titles (Fuckin Capcom sponsored a giveaway!!!) in the next week! Plus tons of Castlevania songs!

Grab the mp3 HERE, or stream and YouTube it below:



Finally, Episode 136: Joe Cam vs. The Devs VI: Layers of Bloober has me talking to Rafal Basaj of Bloober Team to talk about their new game Layers of Fear, out now on Steam Early Access and Xbox One Game Preview. Lots of email questions from Pappy since he couldn’t join that show. Music from Layers of Fear and The OneUps!

Download the mp3 HERE, or stream and YouTube below:



Crazy week! Be sure to click the videos for FULL descriptions of everything as well as links to everybody’s sites and come back next week. AND EMAIL US FOR FREE SHIT!