This episode SML welcomes Tim Wilson and Corey McDaniel of Stellar Jay Studios!

Tim and Corey join us to discuss their new Xbox One release Dad Beat Dads, a local multiplayer brawler that is all about throwing babies to try to steal other babies. Plus there’s throwing bricks at each other and beating each other up to get coins as well. The game features fantastic animation and character designs and a guy with a fish as a head.

We also go into plenty of other crazy topics like Tim and Corey’s animated project Gundarr, upcoming projects from the studio, and how my wife has the hots for some dude she works with and Pappy thinks he’s pretty handsome as well. So in other words, it’s another normal episode for us!

We end the show with five songs from the Dad Beat Dads soundtrack from composer Sam English!

Sam English – Who’s Yo Daddy
Sam English – Fathers in the Factory
Sam English – The Great Lava Kaiju
Sam English – Wanted Dad or Alive
Sam English – Jungle Beat

Download HERE, stream below!