No guest this week due to scheduling mishaps, but on the bright side there’s no echo either! WOO!

We kick off the show covering tons of news from Dead Rising and Transformers re-releases, to tons of Nintendo news, both good and bad. Plus ABZU Xbox speculation, Xbox Backward Compatibility and EA Access additions, and discussing some of the early online reports of No Man’s Sky! Then, of course, we hit this episode’s Featured Games!

CJ Greenwood sends us his thoughts on the recent Xbox release of the XINESS puzzle platformer Dreamals: Dream Quest as well as his coverage of the Wolf Brew Games and Digerati Distribution re-release Slain: Back From Hell. Uneaten Lake sends in his brief early thoughts on the Arc System Works survival action RPG Inferno Climber. Anode from Kittehface Software is a puzzle game mixing the color matching of Lumines with the gameplay style of Columns!

Happy Dungeons from Toylogic is a fantastic multiplayer action RPG that takes the gameplay of Happy Wars and removes the need to wait for 20 other people! Kingdom: New Lands from Noio and Raw Fury is a 2D settlement builder with elements of tower defense and resource management with gorgeous pixel art. Cannon Brawl from Turtle Sandbox and Blitworks is a fast paced tactical RTS crossed with the 2D style gameplay of the Worms series. Finally, Kris gives his first impressions on Sentinels of the Multiverse, a co-op heavy trading card game from Handelabra Games and Greater Than Games!

We end the show with three songs off of the fantastic Slain: Back to Hell soundtrack by former Celtic Frost member Curt Victor Bryant!

Curt Victor Bryant – Burning Omen
Curt Victor Bryant – Undertaker
Curt Victor Bryant – The Dream That Never Was (Epilogue)

Download it HERE, stream it below!!/id1114131866

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