Tons of reviews to catch up with on this episode, so buckle up buckaroo and let’s get going!

The show kicks off with Pernell Vaughn joining for our first batch of games. Race the Sun from Flippfly is a high speed chase against the setting sun. Flinthook from Tribute Games is a beautiful, hook swinging roguelike shooter. Captain Kaon from Engage Pixel is a retro twin-stick gravity shooter in the vein of titles like Thrust and Gravitar. Plus we discuss the two newest ACA NEOGEO releases, top down racer Over Top and 2D fighting game Fatal Fury 2

Cole Martin joins to discuss a batch of titles as well! Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series is the newest adventure series from the masters at Telltale Games. Lost Grimoires: Stolen Kingdom is a paranormal hidden object puzzle adventure from World-Loom Games and Artifex Mundi. ‘n Verlore Verstand is a journey through the subconscious from Skobbejak Games. Plus I discuss Voodoo Vince Remastered, the remastered 3D platforming adventure from Beep Games.

Also sprinkled in the show is Chris Taylor joining to talk The Disney Afternoon Collection from Digital Eclipse and Capcom, an amazing collection of five classic Disney NES titles and TaleSpin, as Chris himself would say. Joe “Henry Jones” Straatmann reviews The Banner Saga Complete Pack, a bundle of the two epic Viking tales from Stoic and Versus Evil. Plus Chris Serani makes his SML debut to chat about Panzer Panic VR, a multiplayer VR tank game from Handy Games.

We end the show with a handful of songs from Disney Afternoon related games!

The OneUps – Hardest Working Duck in Show Business (DuckTales)
Creepue – Sleeping Sand (DuckTales 2)
timaeus222 – Funky Moles & Trashy Ducks (Darkwing Duck)
norg – Harden the Duck Up (DuckTales)
Entertainment System – Darkwing Rescue Ducks (Disney)

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