SML 305 welcomes Rafał Basaj of Bloober Team back to the show to chat about thier new game >observer_!

Before that though, it’s review city with a packed lineup of reviewers! Tim Ekkebus reviews the top down action adventure Phantom Trigger from Bread Team & tinyBuild. Ian Griffin joins for survival action game Dark and Light from Snail Games USA as well as physics driven Metroidvania-like Planetoid Pioneers from Data Realms. Tom Miller covers co-op dungeon crawler Looterkings from Looterkings & Headup Games as well as the destruction heavy action RPG Fictorum from Scraping Bottom Games.

George ‘norg’ Nowik joins to talk hardcore platformer Slime-san on the Nintendo Switch from Fabraz & Headup Games as well as strategy heavy puzzler Ironcast from Dreadbit & Ripstone. Finally, Pernell Vaughan joins for a three pack of games to close things out. Graceful Explosion Machine from Vertex Pop is a stylish 2D shmup. ACA NEOGEO Zed Blade is a retro 2D shmup from Hamster Corporation. West of Loathing is a hilarious slapSTICK comedy RPG from Asymmetric.

After a quick break, Rafał Basaj joins us to talk about >observer_ from Bloober Team, a futuristic horror game that mixes hacking, detective work, and some good old fashioned Bloober Team scares. We cover the development, comparisions to their Early Access game Layers of Fear and how it affects the process, the joys of scaring gamers, and tons more! Always great getting Rafał and Bloober on the show!

This episode features music from Slime-san from creator Fabraz with a nice lineup of guest musicians! Awesome game, awesomer music, preorder the vinyl! Link below!

Fabraz – Mixtapeworm (feat. Adhesive Wombat)
Fabraz – Intense Intestine (feat. Kommisar)
Fabraz – Brain Beats (feat. Tiasu)
Fabraz – Organ Donor (feat. Mischa Perella)

Download HERE, stream below!