Vincent Gallopain, PR Master for Team17 joins the fun this show!

We chat about the latest and greatest games from Team17, as well as what they are planning to show off at the upcoming PAX West including The Escapists 2, Genesis Alpha One, Sword Legacy: Omen, and Yoku’s Island Express! We talk details on all of those games along with Worms WMD talk, and thoughts on the initial reactions to Yooka-Laylee and how they’ve been working on improving the game since launch. An awesome hour with Vince worth checking out!

After Vince heads out, we jump on to the news of the week including latest Xbox BC titles and the upcoming Recore Definitive Edition before what seems like a weekly segment of us getting pissed off with Xbox after the recently announced Crackdown 3 delay to SPRING leaving their holiday season emptier than my co-host position. Other topics include a rumored Okami HD re-release, Nintendo Switch systems warping in the middle, and Sony’s new PS4 5.0 firmware ‘feature’ list. And CJ addresses that co-host joke from earlier. Plus a Super Cloudbuilt giveaway and REVIEWS!

Agents of Mayhem from Volition and Deep Silver is an over the top third person shooter in a massive open world set in an alternate reality of the Saint’s Row franchise. Please note, this is NOT Saint’s Row V, and I like it that way. Sudden Strike 4 from Kite Games & Kalypso Digital Media is a slow and methodical real time war stragegy title. Darkmika writes in a review of Jump, Step, Step from Thang & Dzung Phung Dinh and Thunder Cloud Studio, a gorgeous and unique programming platforming action game

Cole Martin talks Eventide 2: Sorcerer’s Mirror from The House of Fables and Artifex Mundi, the latest hidden object puzzler in a world of folk and fairy tales. Absolute Drift: Zen Edition from Funselektor Labs and Flippfly is a unique twist on the standard racing formula as you must become a master at the art of drifting to succeed. ChromaGun from Pixel Maniacs is a first person color swapping puzzle shooter. Can you mix colors from pre-school? You can play!

CastleStorm VR from Zen Studios takes the fantastic mix of tower defense, physics destruction, and melee brawler combat and gives it an in your face VR makeover making it the definitive way to play the game. CJ previews the first episode of DUSK from David Szymanski and New Blood Interactive, a 90’s to the core FPS with haunting locales, insane action, and ball shatteringly good music. Finally, Thumper from DROOL brings the ‘rhythm-violence’ game to the Xbox for the first time with simple controls that are easy to pick up and brutal to master with an amazing soundtrack. It’s as close to rhythm perfection as it gets.

Music this episode is three tracks from Andrew Hulshult from the game DUSK that I shamelessly ripped from his YouTube page because there’s nowhere to buy them yet… They’re soooo good.

Andrew Hulshult – Endless
Andrew Hulshult – Hand Cannon
Andrew Hulshult – Mine Control

Download HERE, stream below!